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Latin Roots Band was created in 1999 by a bunch of friends that really love and respect music. Our aim was and still is to represent the richness of our musical culture by maintaining a high standard of discipline on and off stage. We are proud to work with the best musicians in the field and this has a huge impact on the final outcome of every presentation. 


We Play it all !!!

Throughout the year we play the best  Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Regaetton, Bachata and Latin Jazz.

During the Holliday season we also play Venezuelan Ethnic Music: Guarachas: It sounds and you dance it  like cumbia but its not! this is a beautiful rithm thats played with an Electric Organ like the ones used in Churches and it packs a punch of flavor   

Gaitas;  A 6x8 rithm is manly played with Venezuelan drums, A Cuatro ( little guitar looking instrument that resembles an ukulele, Congas, A metal pipe shaker , Piano and Bass. This is Native of the Western side of Venezuela and mainly played during Christmas time


All you need under one roof

We offer the best experience in:

Live Latin Music

Dj Services



Led Walls


Photography and more!!!

Combining Services as a package deal not only saves you a lot of money, It also make the event easier to manage. Call us today and lets get planning your Upcoming Event.

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